The Secret World Of Vipassana And Mathematics

By: Alka Marwaha


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ISBN: 9788183283885

Number of pages: 236

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The secrets of natural phenomena and the enigmatic behaviour of the human mind are perhaps the two most intriguing aspects of our evolutionary process. In trying to unravel the mysteries of mind and matter, many seekers of truth, in their own chosen way, have discovered or created new pathways. Mathematics emerged as the language of nature, giving a scientific expression to its laws and then providing answers in a most logical and rational manner. Gautama Buddha discovered and propounded Vipassana, a meditation technique that not only explains the behavioural pattern of mind in entirety, but also shows a path to purge it of its negativities in order to lead a wholesome and peaceful life.
This captivating book explores the singularity between Vipassana and Mathematics. It explores their parallel yet intertwining journeys–from action to reaction; from observation to experimentation and from finiteness to infinity–in the quest to distil all knowledge to reach the Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

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