about us

Wisdom Tree is an award-winning independent publishing organisation. We believe in creating books that are Indian in essence and global in appeal. At the same time, we appreciate that knowledge knows no boundaries and barriers to wisdom, if any, need to be shattered. That inspires us to partner with publishers, distributors and literary agents worldwide. While Wisdom Tree books can be found across the globe in languages as diverse as French and Bahasa, Russian and Japanese, Spanish and Korean, we equally passionately publish for Indian subcontinent books originally created by our partners from across the globe.

Publishing for us is an act of devotion and the process of it, an art. Guided by the spirit of creativity and innovation, eminent editors, finest designers and best presses make sure each of our books is crafted to perfection.

Our hearts swell with pride when we talk about our authors— some of the brightest minds of the world—our relationship with whom has been nurtured and nourished with love, care and honesty in the twenty years of our being.

We, at Wisdom Tree, enjoy creating books that are meaningful to you and hope each one of you derives as much joy from reading them.