And The Lion Smiled At The Rabbit: Manage Emotions To Win

By: Rashmi Datt


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ISBN: 9788183282543

Number of pages: 232

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Dimensions: 21.59 X 13.97 X 1.27 cm

Binding: Paperback

What caused the downfall of the mighty lion at the hands of a mere rabbit in the much loved story from Panchatantra? Rabbit’s cleverness? Or was it lion’s lack of control over his emotions? What if the lion didn’t let his pride get the better of him? What if the lion’s reaction was more self-assured? Using the age-old craft of storytelling, this evocative and thought-provoking book weaves together modern management theory and practices with the folklore of the Panchatantra and wisdom of Indian philosophy. It gives a fresh perspective with simple and clear solutions to the nagging issues that young professionals face on a daily basis, be it hard negotiations, office politics or never-ending deadlines. Read it so that the lion in you always rules like a king.

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