Padmasambhava: The Great Indian Pandit

By: Neten Chockling Rinpoche


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ISBN: 9788183284653

Number of pages: 84

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Padmasambhava is a Sanskrit word that literally translates as 'One Born from a Lotus'.
An eighth-century Indian Buddhist master, Padmasambhava is widely venerated as a 'second Buddha' across Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and the Himalayan states of India. It is because of him that Tibet gave up her imperialistic attitude and embraced the teachings of the Buddha. The heritage of the Vajrayana Buddhists all over the world can be traced to this one man from India. Due to his immense compassion and kindness towards sentient beings of this age, he is affectionately referred to as Guru Rinpoche–the 'Precious Teacher'.
This simple yet deeply illuminating book, written by a master himself and adorned with beautiful and rare illustrations, is a great example of India's timeless Buddhist heritage.

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