As I Like It

By: Karan Thapar


495 371.25

ISBN: 9788183284660

Number of pages: 248

Weight: 260 grams

Dimensions: 22.86 X 15.24 X 1.016 cm

Binding: Paperback

Nothing is as delightful as an entertaining and intellectually stimulating conversation. And when such a conversation is in the form of sharp and pithy articles by one of India’s most respected journalists, you certainly can’t afford to miss it. The irrepressible Karan Thapar is back with his latest collection of the extremely popular column Sunday Sentiments. From entertaining encounters to the delights of the English language; from the women in power to wit on the rocks, experience the world and its ways with Karan and your favourite characters, Pertie, Pritam and the vivacious and unconventional Mummy. As I Like It informs, entertains, stirs and leaves you asking for more!

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