The Modi Doctrine: New Paradigms In India’S Foreign Policy

By: Dr Anirban Ganguly


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ISBN: 9788183284837

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This thoughtful and thought-provoking compendium offers excellent insights into the dynamic foreign policy of a leader who has taken a commanding place in the vanguard of search for peace and prosperity. —MJ Akbar (Minister of State for External Affairs, GOI)

Our diplomacy is increasingly constructive seeking to position India in a higher international orbit...All of this mandates an energetic debate that extends beyond the traditional framework. This volume is a step in that direction and should be welcomed accordingly. —S Jaishankar, Foreign Secretary
States today are far more engaged in diplomacy than ever before, actively building relations with other states to harness their mutual commercial and cultural strengths. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's outlook to global affairs is no different, yet there is a nuanced approach in linking India's foreign policy to domestic transformation. While on the one hand, his policies seek to attract foreign capital, technology and open foreign markets for Indian products, on the other, they are geared towards regional stability, peace and prosperity. All events are texts to be analysed and the authors in this volume do so but emphatically underline that India's diplomacy under Modi has got a go-getting edge, that it is no longer foreign anymore but a matter of public affairs and that with Modi at the helm, India is set to leverage its role and make itself a 'diplomatic superpower'.

The nuanced and thought-provoking essays, by some of the most well-respected analysts and practitioners of diplomacy, make this book a must-read for not just professionals and serious readers but for the uninitiated as well.

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