Death, Dying And Beyond: The Science And Spirituality Of Death

By: Alok Pandey, PhD


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The one thing that is at once most predictable and unpredictable about life is death. Yet, man lives, forgetting death as if he were immortal. Between these two - a visible manifestation of death and an innate sense of immortality - hangs the balance of life, a paradox which we do not easily understand. What if death is not an end, but a passage to another life? What if rebirth is not about retribution, but is a form of evolution? What if life and death are not opposites but work towards a common goal? There must be a larger picture, a missing piece of the puzzle to complete the story and make our understanding whole. How should we deal with trauma and loss, suffering and pain and other ethical and existential issues? Death, Dying and Beyond is an attempt to find answers to these and many other related issues, theoretically and practically, supported by anecdotes and experiences arising from brushes with death.

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