Principles Of Design Through Photography

By: Deepak John Mathew


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ISBN: 9788183281553

Number of pages: 164

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In an age of digital photography and advanced technology, viewers often neglect a photograph’s composition and aesthetic value in favour of its informative value. Principles of Design Through Photography is an investigation of how a particular principle of design - rhythm, harmony, contrast, balance and symmetry - is used in a composition, and how that composition will, in turn, help the photographer convey an effective message to the viewer. Each composition aims to give a visual experience of the principle of design that helps to better perceive a photograph. Each principle of design has been isolated as much as possible so that it can be understood and used in combination with other design elements. This book is an introduction to the way in which photographs can be read and appreciated, and will delight students of photography, aesthetes and those who are curious about design and photography.

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