Zen And The Art Of Happiness

By: Chris Prentiss


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ISBN: 9788183281010

Number of pages: 132

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A person's thoughts and beliefs can change his/her life. In fact, science as well as spirituality agree on this fact. But what if people can control the way they think, act, and feel? According to Chris Prentiss, by training oneself to think and feel in a certain manner, changes can happen in the body, which can go a long way in improving the overall well being of the person. In his book, Zen and The Art of Happiness, he gives valuable insights on how to create a vibrant life for oneself. The book advocates a personal philosophy that will let people enjoy all their life experiences. Imbibing this philosophy can also give them the wisdom that will help them face crises with equanimity and serenity. This approach gives an edge of light that banishes the shadows and darkness from their lives.

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