Making Of New India: Transformation Under Modi Government

By: Bibek Debroy


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ISBN: 9788183285315

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The year 2022 marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of India’s independence. By then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisions transforming India into a New India—a strong, secure and prosperous nation where everyone has access to opportunities of development. The scale of this vision is certainly unprecedented, considering the nation’s status as a democracy with 1.3 billion people, of contrasting social and economic backgrounds. With four years gone and four more to go, we are almost mid-way into this journey which started with the swearing in of the Modi government in 2014. It is now an opportune time to reflect on the impact of various initiatives and reforms implemented by the government thus far. Are these reforms on course to achieve their objectives? How have people benefited from them? How are things changing on ground? Is there a legacy being created that could prove to be a road map for other developing countries facing similar challenges? This book, with contributions by some of the top global experts, attempts to answer such fundamental questions. With fifty-one essays—from economy to diplomacy, ideology to security and education to public health—providing detailed analytical assessments of select reform initiatives of the Modi government, this book presents a comprehensive view on the multidimensional efforts being invested into transforming India. A valuable collection, not just for the practitioners and students of economic and public policy as also diplomacy, the book will educate and enlighten anyone who is a stakeholder in this journey towards New India.

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