In A Gentle Way We Can Shake The World: Mahatma Gandhi And Today's Global Challenges

By: Bhavya Arya


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ISBN: 9788183285476

Number of pages: 112

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Binding: Paperback

Is the legacy of the great Mahatma Gandhi as timeless as it is made out to be? Does his soul force revolution have any relevance in this era of technological revolution and artificial intelligence? Are his ideas really actionable or mere symbolism? Who could have answered these questions better than the generation who is going to lead the world into the future! This thought-provoking collection of writings—sensitive and sharp, evocative and endearing—written by school students from India was selected through a rigorous process and is accompanied with similarly selected pithy illustrations. A valuable insight into how the young generation perceives contemporary global challenges,like climate change and terrorism, and importantly, the Gandhian thoughts of truth and nonviolence, this book is a glowing tribute to the Mahatma on his 150th anniversary. 

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