Stop Negative Thinking

By: Chase Hill


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ISBN: 9788183286367

Number of pages: 176

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Are you fed up with people telling you to JUST be more positive? Negative thinking is not as simple as someone looking at a glass half empty. It happens automatically—it is not your fault. Research has now proved that our brains are wired to think negatively. But that does not mean that negative thinking is something you cannot control. Science has also confirmed that you can rewire the way you think. And you can start doing this today! Here is just a fraction of what you will discover in this book: How to overcome every type of negative thinking from intrusive thoughts to rumination in seven simple steps; Three crucial tools you can use to pinpoint the roots of your negative thinking; Scientifically proven breathing techniques that will ease the impact of negative thoughts and rumination; How to put a stop to toxic behavior, passive aggression, and toxic positivity and protect your new mindset; How mental health issues don’t have to define who you are or stop you from experiencing joy; Fifteen positive affirmations and positive self-talk phrases, including a mini-guide on how to create your own And much more.

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