International Relations For Civil Services Examination Upsc Genreal Studies Prelims And Mains

By: Pushpesh Pant


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ISBN: 9788183286206

Number of pages: 552

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Your Civil Services Preparation Would Only Be Complete After Reading This Book! How are International Relations among countries, regional and global groupings being shaped in the post-Covid world? What is the emerging architecture of world politics and international institutions? What are the foundations of geopolitics on which this new fierce battle between forces of chaos and order is being fought? Most importantly, where does India stand in all this flux, with challenges like the ones stemming from the neighbourhood and strengths like the Diaspora? This present work, written by a master educationist with an impeccable grip on the subject, simply and succinctly captures everything that an aspirant needs to know to answer the above questions, and more importantly, it empowers and inspires you to think, contemplate and express. The book strives not to burden the aspirants of Civil Services Examinations with unnecessary factual details but does not exclude any important information that is relevant to review and analyse International Relations realistically from an Indo-centric perspective.

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