Internal Security For Civil Services Examination Third Edition: Includes Fully-Solved Papers 2013-20 (Top Now)

By: Rajkumar Sp


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ISBN: 9788183285704

Number of pages: 336

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Binding: Paperback

• Comprehensive 360-degree coverage of the Internal Security part of the UPSC Mains syllabus
• Previous years’ Internal Security Mains questions with keyword-oriented, word-limit specific and information-packed model answers (2013 to 2020)
• Incorporation of recommendations of various high-level governmental committees (Second ARC, Punchhi Commission, etc.) and renowned non-governmental think tanks.
• Aids in scoring marks and easy reproduction in UPSC Mains Answer-writing, 
o Tailor-made maps, images, flowcharts, text boxes and tables are added at relevant places
o Simple, specific and catchy vocabulary/terminologies are used
• For easy reading, recollection and reproduction, every possible topic is quantified through the method of enlisting informative points 
• Chapter-wise model questions have been framed according to the standards of UPSC

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