The Heartland Of Divinity: Fairs And Festivals Of Madhya Pradesh

By: Aruna Sharma


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ISBN: 9788183281584

Number of pages: 90

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Madhya Pradesh is a region brimming with diversity, visibly prominent in its culture and customs. Home to people from different communities, religions and tribes, Madhya Pradesh is blessed with a unique cultural and religious identity—the heart of incredible India can be described as a cauldron of fairs and festivals. The fairs, festivals and celebrations in the state act as the common thread binding the various local communities. The geographical diversity of Madhya Pradesh is a treat. It is an opportunity to experience, participate and enjoy the vibrant local culture of the heartland and understand its ethos. Amidst the natural beauty of the state—rivers, mountains, forests and the breathtaking man-made structures—the fairs and festivals of Madhya Pradesh leave an everlasting impression on every visitor’s mind. 

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