Dubey Ji Bounces Back

By: Vivek Atray


245 183.75

ISBN: 9788183283724

Number of pages: 230

Weight: 230 grams

Dimensions: 19.685 X 12.7 X 1.27 cm

Binding: Paperback

Meek and morose is what Raghav Dubey has been all his life but when Sarla Koppikar wallops him on his head and almost kills him, Dubey ji decides to undergo a complete makeover. He shaves off his moustache, sheds his reticence in female company and even learns to play the guitar! His career graph now rockets skywards with his new found zest and energy enabling him to work wonders at Mumbai's Bonny Bank. The beauteous Avni Singh bowls him over and he is left utterly lovestruck. Even the very charming Paulomi Bose fails to distract him. Dubey ji's bete noire is found dead and our hero is in deep trouble. Will he be able to bounce back again? 

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