How To Ikigai: The Ancient Japanese Secret

By: Tim Tamashiro


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ISBN: 9788183285346

Number of pages: 200

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YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER. How often have you wondered about your life’s purpose? Beyond the path laid out for most of us—from birth to retirement—how can you find room for joy? Tim Tamashiro’s How to Ikigai describes the ancient and time-tested wisdom of the people of Okinawa, Japan, and how their lifestyle of Ikigai, or living with a focus on one’s purpose, provides a model for a long and fulfilling life. Read the stories of happy and fulfilled Ikigai practitioners. Learn how to navigate your way past roadblocks that may be keeping you from reaching self-actualization. Use How to Ikigai’s clear blueprint for living a purposeful and serendipitous life fueled by your own unique gifts.

How to Ikigai will help you

•Do what you love

•Do what you’re good at

•Do what the world needs

•Do what you can be rewarded for

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