Ping: A Frog In Search Of A New Pond

By: Stuart Avery Gold


395 296.25

ISBN: 9788183280464

Number of pages: 96

Weight: 250 grams

Dimensions: 21.59 X 13.97 X 0.762 cm

Binding: Hardcover

This simple, inspirational tale follows the journey of Ping, a frog in search of a new pond, preferably one good for long-distance jumping. Along the way he meets Owl, an insightful teacher who share his wisdom, encouraging Ping to take an inner journey before pursuing his goal. Ping represents everybody who has encountered a setback, needs to take a risk, or is struggling with the challenges of chance-that is to say, he is all of us. Osl is the mentor who helps him find meaning and leap to new heights. The adventure they embark on together is both engaging and revealing.

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