Icons Of Indian It

By: Bibek Debroy


Amrit Gangar


S Sadagopan


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ISBN: 9788183284851

Number of pages: 148

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The India IT story is not just about Infosys, Wipro and TCS. Indeed, the roots of the India brand in Information Technology were laid twenty years earlier by a handful of pioneering professionals in government, industry and education. 
From the making of the Indian supercomputer Param to ERNET, county’s first internet avatar; from India’s export of IT education to putting the nation on the global map for financial services, there were several path breaking efforts which are not just a part of India’s legacy or history but have actually changed the face of the nation. These timeless tales will continue to serve as an inspiring reminder of the power of grit and determination. This engaging and evocative book preserves for a new generation, the largely untold story of India’s iconic technology leaders and companies whose bold decisions and mould-breaking practices created a bedrock of knowledge, regulation and enterprise on which the India IT brand is built.

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