When A Lawyer Falls In Love

By: Amrita Suresh


245 183.75

ISBN: 9788183282055

Number of pages: 240

Weight: 250 grams

Dimensions: 19.685 X 12.7 X 1.524 cm

Binding: Paperback

A cheeky account of a chubby law graduate, as he waddles through life and law text books, in his rather futile attempts at wooing his pretty Gujarati classmate. Ankur Palekar, a third year law student believes his life is quite sorted out, except that he does not want to become a lawyer, has a family history of lunacy and has actually fallen in love. Vyas, Ankur's room mate and best friend, has no such problems—only a girl friend who emerges from a grave yard of all places and who insists on visiting him in his boy's hostel. A Malayali friend, whose car never starts and vocal chords never stop, a college festival being organized without the college and an arranged marriage which is more deranged than arranged are some of the other highlights. Funny, pacey, yet it has its moments, 'When a Lawyer Falls in Love' is the kind of book, that will make you laugh and cry, both for the same reasons!

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