Whispers In The Classroom, Voices On The Field

By: Richa Jha


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ISBN: 9788183282062

Number of pages: 358

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Binding: Paperback

School! A splendid institution. It tells you about what's around you while helping you explore what lies within. It brings you face-to-face with personal triumphs and failures, frictions and forgiveness, rivalry and team-work, lifelong friendships and heart-rending partings. And more. School, in short, is a complete life coach. Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Field brings together thirty-one of the most sensitive contemporary Indian writers with as many school experiences. The spread is lavish--we have the delightful with the mundane; the poignant with the quirky; the questioning with the traditional and the scary with the sublime. Read through for your own 'Hey, that's me in there!' moment.

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