India-US Partnership: Asian Challenges and Beyond

By: PP Shukla


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ISBN: 9788183283335

Number of pages: 204

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India and the United States of America aim to form a strategic partnership of trust, cooperation and collaboration, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Indo-US relationship has had its share of ups and downs, but both admit to the necessity of greater understanding. The book covers economic and political aspects of the changes taking place in Asia, and provides a perspective different from the standard narrative, that of the inexorable rise of China to the top. The authors examine the strengths and the weaknesses not only of China, but also of the other major countries and offer a more balanced picture. The book, a culmination of the joint study between the Vivekananda International Foundation of India and the Heritage Foundation of the US, has contributions by experts like Kanwal Sibal, Lisa Curtis, Walter Lohman, Ajit Doval and Jeff Smith. A must-read for subject-experts as well as policy makers, it also looks at some of the important issues, including that of Afghanistan and Iran, which will determine how the situation in Asia-Pacific evolves, and the relevance of better Indo-US ties to address the challenges ahead.

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