The Learning Landscape: Perspectives Of School Principals On Educationperspectives Of School Principals On Education

By: Ameeta Mulla Wattal


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ISBN: 9788183284493

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Is the learning that we need essentially different from the education that we receive?

Prominent school Principals who have contributed to this book are of the view that if high-quality learning is going to be global, inclusive and lifelong, we will need to refine, extend and reinforce the existing model by re-engineering methodology, pedagogy and transaction.

The contributors try to look at innovative strategies that blur lines between formal and informal learning, which is critical to transformation. Many of them speak from a lifetime's perspective on learning while others are on a personal quest, a journey where they see themselves as part of a complex, interconnected and interdependent world as they move towards creating centres of coexistence, alliance and cooperation.

This book then, brings together a myriad strands and weaves a fabric of learning which will be of interest to specialists, teachers, Principals and civil society–in fact, to all those who are on a voyage of discovery of an evolving child-centered educational experience.

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