The British, The Bandits And The Bordermen: From The Diaries Of Kf Rustamji

By: P.V. Rajgopal


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ISBN: 9788183281355

Number of pages: 464

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I would like every police officer, whatever his rank, to read Rustamji's life and learn some valuable lessons on how to shape the police into an honest, credible, and people-friendly force. R K Raghavan in The Hindu
From a man, who was in the thick of things all his life, nothing could have been more rewarding than this insider's account of some of the nation's most newsy events - in a style that does not allow the reader to put down the book. IANS
This 'autobiographical narrative' of K.F. Rustamji–an officer of the erstwhile Indian Police (IP) who served under the British during the years of the Raj and who was also the Founder Director General of the BSF–is an eyewitness account of some of the most epoch-making events in Indian history. Rustamji's eventful life and distinctive flair for writing make for this gripping account, excerpts of his diaries and articles edited by P.V. Rajgopal as a sequel to the much acclaimed bestseller I Was Nehru's Shadow.

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