The Smart Crow Never Goes Thirsty: A Manager's Toolkit For Creativity And Innovation

By: Moid Siddiqui


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ISBN: 9788183281188

Number of pages: 102

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Binding: Paperback

According to a well-known Indian mythological tale, a thirsty crow after a lot of search finds some water lying in a container. Unfortunately the container is big and the water little, as a result the crow is not able to reach it to quench his thirst. The crow then displays a keen sense of creativity by putting pebbles in the container to raise the water-level and eventually drinks water to his heart’s content. The times are becoming tougher and the crows smarter. Now, an even more creative crow avoids all the hard work of collecting pebbles and uses a straw, instead.
Need is the mother of innovation.

Work smart, not hard.

You can’t sit on your past innovations; there is always a more creative crow lurking around.

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