Indian Military And Network-Centric Warfare

By: Lt Gen PC Katoch


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Information or lack of it, has won and lost wars since man has learnt to attack and defend. Its role in twenty-first century can be underestimated only at ones own peril. More than ever before, information superiority has become and will continue to remain one of the most significant deciding factors in the physical dimensions of aerospace, land and sea as also in the electromagnetic and cyber space. Rapid advancements in information technology have enabled robust networking of well-informed, geographically dispersed forces, contributing to an information advantage. But this is just one aspect of Network-centric Warfare (NCW). It is often assumed that NCW refers to nothing more than a reliance on technology, which is a misinterpretation of the doctrine. Networking, enabled by information technology, needs to be meshed with overall technological advancements and combined with organizational structures, processes and above all, people-war-fighters, operators, managers and commanders. NCW encompasses the entire gamut of emerging military responses in the Information Age. An invaluable resource for decision-makers, defence professionals as well as scholars, this well-researched book puts in proper perspective, the global advancements in netcentricity and their relevance for Indian military. With his rich experience in the army and an illustrious background of combat operations, the author offers practical solutions for the unique requirements of the intra-service and inter-services integration of the Indian military for a robust and efficient network-centric approach.

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