The India Idea: Heralding The Era Of Path-Breaking Innovations

By: LK Sharma


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ISBN: 9788183282512

Number of pages: 160

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Binding: Hardcover

The India idea—an idea which may not always find its origin in a sophisticated lab or a state-of-the-art industrial R&D centre; an idea which may be as unique as the country's identity, ethos and culture; an idea which may be beyond time and space but whose time has definitely come—this evocative book gives a fascinating peep into such ideas and the robust innovation model across India's social and economic spectrum. With thought-provoking contributions by legendary scientists, technocrats and management experts and practitioners on the one hand and heartwarming stories about inclusive grassroots as well as cutting-edge innovations on the other, this one-of-its-kind book presents the distinctive India of today in all its flavour and fervour.

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