The Head That Won't Stand: A Woman's Journey Of Letting Go With Yoga

By: Kavita Chandran


395 296.25

ISBN: 9788183284844

Number of pages: 200

Weight: 260 grams

Dimensions: 21.59 X 13.97 X 1.27 cm

Binding: Paperback

A bunch of smart, enterprising women from different corners of the globe.

What links them is a thirst for rediscovering themselves. What brings them together is a yoga shaala in Mysore run by a young, stringent and scrupulous guru.

The book unravels the endearing stories of transformation of the yoginis–in trying to get their heads around yoga and understanding its true worth as their past pains are restored, the present is embraced and the future no longer seems a blur. There is indeed a story on every mat!

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