Cyprus Diplomacy

By: Amb Sotos Zackheos


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ISBN: 9788183285506

Number of pages: 278

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The Cyprus Question has been, over the last few decades, a keenly followed issue in global diplomacy and at the United Nations. It has seen intensive engagement from the affected parties as well as influential international actors, making it a classic case study for practitioners and students of statecraft.

The author of the book, Ambassador Sotos Zackheos represented his country in different significant capacities, including that of the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN, during the most critical phase of the Cyprus Question. Through this candid and eloquent account, he shares more than a ringside view of this sharply-contested issue, the functioning of the UN and the working of the powers-that-be of world politics. Further, the author shares a nuanced first-hand account of extending and deepening of the diplomatic relations of Cyprus with the Middle East, China and Pakistan, built through institutional mechanisms and personal relationships.

A formidable and evocative insight into international relations and foreign policy through the eyes of an illustrious Cyprus’ diplomat, this book is essential reading for both the uninitiated and the professionals.

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