Buried Seeds—A Chef’S Journey: The Story Of Vikas Khanna

By: Karan Bellani


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ISBN: 9788183284974

Number of pages: 188

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Binding: Hardcover

A young boy in Amritsar learns to cook in his grandmother’s kitchen while doing sewa at the legendary kitchens of the Golden Temple. He works as a delivery boy for his father’s video cassette library, makes blankets, cooks at weddings and opens a catering business in the back of his house at the age of seventeen.

The boy, now a young chef, makes a journey of a lifetime to New York, only to face stiffer challenges—that of being homeless and facing discrimination almost every single day.

Buried he may have been, under failure and hopelessness, but nothing could keep him down, for he had the power of passion and perseverance, and the strength of skill and self-belief.

He rose and how!

This inspirational and page-turning account of the transformational journey of India’s most celebrated chef, Vikas Khanna, is a priceless gift—a gift of hope and fulfilling one’s dreams—for you and for everyone you love.

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