Among The Birds Of India: Photographic Guide ( Including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan And Sri Lanka)

By: Amano Samarpan


495 371.25

ISBN: 9788183285384

Number of pages: 176

Weight: 350 grams

Dimensions: 17.78 X 11.938 X 1.524 cm

Binding: Paperback

Among the birds of India, in stunning photographs, captures the rich diversity of avian life in the Indian subcontinental birds pictured are quite common, others much rarer. An independent yet complementary volume to a photographic guide to the birds of India, also by am a no Samarpan, this is an excellent guide for those interested and uninitiated in the world of Indian birds⁠—all photographed within the subcontinental also of value to the specialist who wants a reliable visual record of birds.

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