Prey By The Ganges

By: Hemant Kumar


395 296.25

ISBN: 9788183281867

Number of pages: 400

Weight: 400 grams

Dimensions: 19.685 X 12.7 X 2.54 cm

Binding: Paperback

1948. A cold, rainy night in a forest across the Ganges, deep in the heart of eastern India. An unarmed man with anger in his heart and a fortune on his person. A handsome Thakur with evil on his mind and blood on his hands. Both chasing a rare diamond, but for completely different reasons. There are the others too—the Thakur's beautiful wife, the sleazy psychopath, the angry muscleman and the corrupt dairy managers stunning daughter. Each is a pawn in this bizarre game of life and death, and each with a story to tell. Or hide.

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