You Are Never Too Far: Poems On The Pathpoems On The Path

By: Amandeep Gill


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ISBN: 9.78818E+12

Number of pages: 80

Weight: 200 grams

Dimensions: 19.685 X 12.7 X 0.762 cm

Binding: Hardcover

Sixty poems, some lines of prose, and a dozen illustrations: You Are Never Too Far is not a typical collection of verse. It might better be called ?prosotry?. The prose juxtaposed with the poems serves a sharp contrast to the individualistic and spontaneous nature of verse. The illustrations reinforce the reflection demanded of the reader. The poems are snippets of a life on the move. Geographical signposts from a diplomatic life such as Washington Park, Mount Sal?ve, Bahrain, a road trip in Sri Lanka and a volcanic lake in France come alive in short bursts of verse. The canvas is wide. If the opening poem ?Can you Paint a Bamboo?? is about the m?tier of a poet, ?A Hole in my Sock? describes the absurdity of office life. ?Dogs Have a Leg up? is a dramatic translation of a Bulleh Shah classic in Punjabi. Many poems in the collection capture seasons, desire, memory and joy; some appear to be a Blake-like logbook of an inner journey toward meaning and fulfillment.

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