The Class Act: Learn, Teach, Be

By: Debashis Chatterjee


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ISBN: 9.78818E+12

Number of pages: 168

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Every Chandragupta needs a Chanakya. Why? We all need our missing halves to fulfill us. The day needs the night to refresh itself through sleep. The night needs the day to awaken to the world of new possibilities. When you are immature, you want maturity to be by your side. When you are too mature, you need somebody adventurous and innocent to be with you to learn how to mature. When you have a restless Arjuna, you need the stabilising wisdom of Krishna. When you have a Krishna, you need an Arjuna to awaken and arise to act on that wisdom. So, these complementarities have to come together?like day and night; spring and winter. A teacher can bring that missing touch in the evolving life of a student.

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