Monkey Business Activity Book 2

By: Wisdom Tree Creatives


125 94

ISBN: 9788183281737

Number of pages: 60

Weight: 130 grams

Dimensions: 27.8 X 21.5 X 0.6 cm

Binding: Paperback

Welcome to the amazing world of Little Monks. The name Little Monks on the Wisdom Tree has three dimensions similar to the three little monkeys who are using their three prime senses to learn, imbibe and share wisdom. At the intellectual level, monkeys are the wisest; at the emotional level, Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god, signifies everything one would wish for in a child?wise, obedient, courageous and a little naughty; at the spiritual level, a child is a true monk?untouched by the impurities of the world.

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