The Great Indian Wedding Planner

By: Sonam Poddar Hissaria


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ISBN: 9.78818E+12

Number of pages: 304

Weight: 325 grams

Dimensions: 21.59 X 13.97 X 1.524 cm

Binding: Paperback

When it comes to a wedding, you want the best of everything and why shouldn?t you! But what if some things, as they invariably do, exceed your budget? It?s time to pick and forego?choose what matters the most to you and will be cherished forever. This book, like a trusted friend, helps you unravel not just your own priorities but also all the hidden clauses and costs of the army of vendors you would have to deal with?from the venue manager to the caterer, invitation printer to the entertainment organiser, trousseau designer to the travel agent?and even prepares you for the last-minute contingencies. Most importantly it reminds you that weddings should be fun, and you can relax and enjoy the wedding if you?ve planned it all in advance. So if you are a bride-to-be excitedly gearing up for your wedding or a parent about to plan your daughter?s special day; a family member or friend of a bride-to-be who is seeking help with organising her wedding or a Prince Charming looking forward to seeing your special girl glowing beside you at the wedding of her dreams, look no further?here is the answer to all your queries!

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