Yogis of India: Timeless Stories of their Lives and Wisdom

By: Sivarupa


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ISBN: 9.78818E+12

Number of pages: 314

Weight: 375 grams

Dimensions: 21.59 X 13.97 X 1.778 cm

Binding: Paperback

Yogis of India gives a joyous glimpse into the lives of some of the great Indian spiritual masters like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Ramana Maharshi and Anandmayi Ma. It explores not just the various fascinating facets of these saints, the eternal travellers, but also describes vividly their beautiful relationship with their key shishyas. It traces the life of each yogi from birth to mahasamadhi, in the process touching the leela, or the play of the realised master that nurtures the devotee and develops the disciple.

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