When the Shoe Fits: The Path of Tao

By: Osho


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ISBN: 9788183283793

Number of pages: 264

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Binding: Paperback

"So, when the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten when the belt fits, the belly is forgotten and when the heart is right, 'for' and 'against' are forgotten." In this book, Osho comments on ten teaching stories by Chuang Tzu, a disciple of Lao Tzu. These parables illustrate the Tao, the essential harmony of existence. Chuang Tzu is an ordinary man who lives a very natural life and does not believe in society's morality and precepts. Osho uncovers the deeper meaning of these amusing fables, which are often based on animal characteristics that are easy to recognize but harder to acknowledge in oneself. He shows how the egoistical way in which every culture has taught people to live makes them miserable. Beautiful is Chuang Tzu, incomparable is Chuang Tzu, unique is Chuang Tzu because he says 'Continue easy and you are right.' He doesn't say 'Be nonviolent, then you are right be truthful, then you are right, don't be angry, otherwise you will be wrong don't be sexual' No, nothing He says 'Be easy and continue easy and you are right.' And then choose your own path. He gives you the essence, not particular directions but just a universal truth. -"Osho"

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