Unio Mystica II: On Sufism

By: Osho


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ISBN: 9788183283281

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In a world awash with religious conflict, to describe man's relationship to God as a great love affair may seem improbable. Yet that is the Sufi approach to life. Man's inner being is seen as the lover, or the friend. Hakim Sanai, in Hadiqatul Haqiqat, The Walled Garden of Truth, tells us: "The way is not far from you to the friend; you yourself are that way: so set out along it." Sanai, a twelfth-century Persian poet, was transformed by a chance meeting with a Sufi mystic, while travelling with the Sultan of Persia and his army. He leaves the king and sets off alone to absorb what has happened to him, and his collection of poems comes out of that experience. Speaking on Sanai's verses, Osho offers the aerial viewpoint of a modern mystic. This blueprint for cutting the roots of the destructive mind of man is a very personal message. He does not address society in general, but speaks directly to each one of us, inviting every human being to look to his own inner world. Through losing oneself to love, and experiencing that you are perfect just as you are, life takes on a new colour, a new dance; it becomes a song, a celebration.

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