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Buried Seeds: The Story of Vikas Khanna
Karan Bellani
A young boy in Amritsar learns to cook in his grandmother’s kitchen while doing sewa at the legendary kitchens of the Golden Temple. He works as a delivery boy for his father’s video cassette library, makes blankets, cooks at weddings and opens a catering business in the back of his house at the age of seventeen.

The boy, now a young chef, makes a journey of a lifetime to New York, only to face stiffer challenges—that of being homeless and facing discrimination almost every single day.

Buried he may have been, under failure and hopelessness, but nothing could keep him down, for he had the power of passion and perseverance, and the strength of skill and self-belief.

He rose and how!

This inspirational and page-turning account of the transformational journey of India’s most celebrated chef, Vikas Khanna, is a priceless gift—a gift of hope and fulfilling one’s dreams—for you and for everyone you love.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-497-4  
Rs  345    188 pp    HB

Ideas for India: Faster • Higher • Stronger
Bibek Debroy
India is probably in the middle of the most reform-friendly phase in its history—open to conceptions that can help transform the nation faster, put it on a stronger firmament to help it leap higher.

This book, a collection of ideas, by one of India's foremost thinkers, marries his deep academic understanding with the rich practical experience; the penetrating macroeconomic analysis with the intricate microeconomic observations; and the vast knowledge of the governance ecosystem with the challenging requirements of the governed.

Be it simplifying and reforming the legal structures and statutes, decentralisation to boost the quality of governance, upgrading the parameters of data collection for mapping administrative performance and improving its efficiency or promoting the cause of a better and streamlined railway system, the ideas captured in this book present a fresh and inspiring result-based approach to the pressing problems India faces today.

Innovative, precise and practical, solutions offered in this book are a treasure trove, not just for India, but other developing countries of the world too, for both their constitutional arms as also the civil society.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-500-1  
Rs  695    208 pp    HB

INDIA @70, MODI @3.5
Bibek Debroy | Ashok Malik
Transformation of a nation—that too, with the size and complexity of India—won’t happen in months. At the same time, if it took decades, it wouldn’t be called transformation any more. So is India really in the middle of a transformation under the Modi government? Are we seeing history in the making without fully realising it?

The best way to answer these questions would be to capture the story of India’s development since 2014 with the backdrop of its progress as an independent nation. This book brings together acclaimed economists, scholars, diplomats and strategicians who dispassionately analyse India’s growth story under the Modi sarkar. Be it plugging massive public spending leaks through the astute cashless transaction stratagem or touching the lives of millions of women through Ujjwala—the cooking gas revolution; be it the campaign to clean India, creating 100 smart cities or the focus on renewable energy and making India a responsible global leader, what stands out in the analysis is that the Prime Minister leads from the front, retains a grip on the performance parameters with processes like PRAGATI and believes in people participation—an inherent ingredient of the Reform, Perform and Transform theme that is close to his heart.

This deeply analytical and evocative book captures the incremental changes combined with a sense of inherent hope and optimism that India is witnessing today—an essential reading to understand the working of the Modi government and the nation's unique growth story under it.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-498-1  
Rs  495    224 pp    HB

Hindu-Buddhist Philosophy on Conflict Avoidance
VIF Editorial Board
Driven by the myopia of profits and an ego that craves superiority over fellow brethren, man is leading a life of wanton devastation, and going through what is perhaps the most violent time in history. At stake is not just our own lives and values, but the environment that sustains us, and, by extension therefore, the very future of our planet.

Is this a one-way street? Or is there still scope for salvation? Can we redefine ethics to suit the broader common vision of all mankind? Can we rise above religious differences to create a common, working philosophy that works for both us, and our planet? If the tenets and essence of Hinduism and Buddhism are anything to go by, the answer is a resounding yes.

Adaptation of a non-conflicting paradigm led by the Hindu-Buddhist values—whose adherents account for more than one-fifth of the world’s population and cognates cultures such as in India and Japan—can be used effectively to shift the focus from ‘conflict resolution’ to ‘conflict avoidance’ and the path of ‘ideology’ to ‘philosophy’.

It is with this aspiration and conviction that the VIF, New Delhi organised a conference in collaboration with Tokyo Foundation and IBC on ‘Global Hindu-Buddhist Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness’ at New Delhi.

This book, based on the conference attempts to answer one simple question: Can we offer a new model and vision for a world order based on democratic tradition that espouses the spirit of human cooperation, ethical behaviour, universal responsibility and prosperity of all nations?

If we put our best foot forward, the answer could be yes. The alternative, is not an alternative.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-493-6  
Rs  995    384 pp    HB

Syama Prasad Mookerjee: His Vision of Education
Anirban Ganguly | Avadhesh Kumar Singh
Syama Prasad Mookerjee was an academician, administrator and educational thinker, as may be discerned from his life-long engagement with education and discourses on education that he delivered on various occasions in the last two decades of his life in particular. Ironically, his contribution to domains beyond politics remains unacknowledged, and a serious and vigorous consideration of his educational views and vision still eludes us to an extent that they are not a part of the discussions in the mainstream education system in India even today.

The present volume endeavours to put together Mookerjee’s educational discourses culled from almost all known sources till now. It is a tribute to Mookerjee, the educationist, who was committed to high ideals of Indian education and culture, and strove to implement his vision in his different capacities.

Be it stressing on the importance of Indian languages, the need to stay connected with the nation’s civilsational strength and rich heritage, walking in step with the rest of the world in science and technology and shaping Indian education in a manner that it would appreciate the best of all religions rather than be totally cut off from them, Mookerjee's insights on education were essentially to facilitate the rediscovering of the Indian mind.

This comprehensive book capturing the timeless vision of Syama Prasad Mookerjee, not just on education, but also on using education as a means to nation building and in creating a new world order with contribution from enlightened Indian minds, is a treasure for educationists, scholars, education administrators as well as the uninitiated.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-496-7  
Rs  995    384 pp    HB

Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth
Awdhesh Singh, PhD
New realities are being created every moment. But how really are they taking form? Certainly, an existing reality can’t lead to a new one by itself. The genesis of new realities lies in—believe it or not—fiction. It is fictions, myths and legends—our imagination—that has shaped and is shaping our world.

This highly evocative and analytical book digs deep into the secrets of consciousness of societies, religions and nations to unravel the myths of reality and reality of myths.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-492-9  
Rs  295    260 pp    PB

Securing India
VIF Editorial Board
Geopolitics is witnessing a flux not seen in decades, treading an uncertain path in the hope to arrive at a new equilibrium. India’s status in this equipoise, as and when it is achieved will be decided by how deftly it deals with the changes the world is witnessing today—a combination of weakening of US as a global power and its inward-looking approach; the rise of China and its extraordinary, even dubious support for Pakistan; the ‘great game’ being played in West Asia and Afghanistan—not to forget, India’s own challenges of manoeuvring the largest democracy in the world—the nation of 1.3 billion—on the path of strength and development.

If there could be a group of experts who could analyse this complex state of shifting loyalties, brokering of alliances and reversal of strategies, in an illuminating manner, this publication by one of India’s most respected think tanks, Vivekananda International Foundation, brings them all together. They decode not just the conventional security scenario but focus on the newer frontiers of competition and cooperation—cyber security and space—as also on India’s economy, environment and what has been one of its finest gifts to the world—civilisational vision.

India’s most formidable practitioners of statecraft—diplomats, defence professionals, along with some of the most respected scholars, provide a highly analytical and authoritative vision, not just for securing India but in understanding the current geostrategic realpolitik, as it pans out, making this an essential reading, not just for professionals engaged in diplomacy and security, but for the uninitiated as well.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-495-0  
Rs  1495    208 pp    HB

Hope In A Challenged Democracy
Ashwani Kumar
Challenged and vibrant at the same time; noisy yet deafeningly silent on critical issues in the same instance and successful yet inefficient in matching the steps of a young nation—are dichotomies that succinctly sum up the state of Indian democracy today.

The book goes beyond semantics and critically analyses issues of fundamental importance in the framework of the dignitarian goals of the republic, the role of a ‘living Constitution’, the necessity of equilibrium between executive, legislature and judiciary, the role of media, importance of equitable growth, a responsive justice system and a rising India’s engagement with the world. It provides a statesman’s perspective on addressing challenges and optimising responses with a view to transforming our democracy as a true reflection of the collective conscience of the nation. Seeking to espouse a non-partisan view, the author—a distinguished lawyer, former parliamentarian and union minister—provides not only a practitioner’s view on challenges faced by Indian democracy in the twenty-first century but also a thinker’s substantive vision of the qualities of democratic leadership across the world.

Hope in a Challenged Democracy is a must-read not just for practitioners of statecraft and politics, scholars and intellectuals, but everybody who is concerned about the state of our nation and the world today.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-494-3  
Rs  895    296 pp    HB

Kamadhenu: Cows of India
Rajni Sekhri Sibal

Goddess. Companion. Annapurna.

The history and culture of India is incomplete without the cow.

Featuring in stories of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, the cow finds a place in the pages of our tradition-rich mythology as well as in tribal folklore. It continues to play an extremely significant role in not just the Indian economy as a whole, having made India the largest milk-producing nation in the world, but also in the lives of poor rural households where it provides a more engendered and equitable distribution of livelihoods.

This brilliantly designed and produced book is a pictographic and informative rendition of important facts and oral tales woven intricately together. It provides information about the various breeds of the beautiful Bos indicus and dairying in India, even as it captures the reader’s interest with some scientific and historical facts, fascinating local beliefs and myths about various breeds.

A must-have for every dairy expert and institution, it is also a treasure trove for anyone interested in India and its rich heritage.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-458-5  
Rs  1595    152 pp    HB

What Will Leapfrog India in the 21st Century
Surendra Kumar

Make in India, Digital India, Start-up India; Stand up India, Smart cities, Swachh Bharat...there is a new force harnessing the nation’s aspirations, a new energy accelerating the country’s potential. No wonder that India has become the fastest growing economy when the world is slowing down. It is bound to be transformed beyond recognition if it continues growing at a similar and slightly higher rate for the next ten years.

Yet the challenges are formidable: India is home to the world’s largest number of poor and illiterate people; millions still lack basic necessities like shelter, sanitation, drinking water, education and healthcare. Our infrastructure still creaks, bureaucratic delays persist, far-reaching economic reforms get stalled in the Parliament and our biggest strength that could easily turn into a big challenge—our youth—brimming with hope and holding a long wish list anxiously await jobs. These and the country’s fragmented polity, delicate social fabric and prevailing gender insensitivity are not issues that can be tackled in days, weeks or months.

Some of the brightest and most influential minds with a combined contribution of more than a thousand years across important areas like science and technology, agriculture, business, politics, international relations, law, education, journalism and art take a hard and dispassionate look at the India of today. While some have flagged education, skilling of youth and innovative approaches in administration, others feel that without a thorough cleansing of corruption and creation of a just and inclusive society embracing timeless values, India can’t possibly leapfrog.

A must-read for policymakers, scholars and anybody interested in the future of this great nation, the book challenges notions, invigorates reflections, spurs debates and seeds new ideas to leapfrog India.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-456-1  
Rs  695    240 pp    HB

TPP and India
Harsha Vardhana Singh
The book brings together new insights and perspectives on the implications of major changes taking place in global markets due to large free trade agreements or so-called mega-regionals, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). These changes will occur for both the trade regulation regime in major markets, and the private standards that are increasingly crucial for linking up with international value chains. The twelve members of TPP account for about one-fourth of world trade and two-fifth of global GDP. A number of others have shown interest to become members; it is now the model for the US to use in its other large trade negotiations, thus expanding its scope and reach in the future, and its disciplines are acknowledged to be higher than those resulting from some other mega-regionals such as RCEP. Therefore, global standards affecting world market conditions will flow from TPP. Its underlying aspiration will thus increasingly shape the future of trade and investment conditions in major markets, implying trade and investment diversion for non-member countries. A large majority of developing countries, including India, are out of this framework. This book explains the various concerns for non-members, and suggests a number of steps which they can take to mitigate the adverse conditions. This book is an essential read for policymakers, business leaders and analysts considering ways to address the likely constraints emerging through mega-regionals, for job creation and development prospects.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-460-8  
Rs  995    640 pp    HB

The Great Indian Wedding Planner
Sonam Poddar Hissaria
When it comes to a wedding, you want the best of everything and why shouldn’t you! But what if some things, as they invariably do, exceed your budget? It’s time to pick and forego—choose what matters the most to you and will be cherished forever. This book, like a trusted friend, helps you unravel not just your own priorities but also all the hidden clauses and costs of the army of vendors you would have to deal with—from the venue manager to the caterer, invitation printer to the entertainment organiser, trousseau designer to the travel agent—and even prepares you for the last-minute contingencies. Most importantly it reminds you that weddings should be fun, and you can relax and enjoy the wedding if you’ve planned it all in advance. So if you are a bride-to-be excitedly gearing up for your wedding or a parent about to plan your daughter’s special day; a family member or friend of a bride-to-be who is seeking help with organising her wedding or a Prince Charming looking forward to seeing your special girl glowing beside you at the wedding of her dreams, look no further—here is the answer to all your queries!

ISBN:  978-81-8328-457-8  
Rs  345    304 pp    PB

The Secret World of Vipassana and Mathematics
Alka Marwaha
The secrets of natural phenomena and the enigmatic behaviour of the human mind are perhaps the two most intriguing aspects of our evolutionary process. In trying to unravel the mysteries of mind and matter, many seekers of truth, in their own chosen way, have discovered or created new pathways. Mathematics emerged as the language of nature, giving a scientific expression to its laws and then providing answers in a most logical and rational manner. Gautama Buddha discovered and propounded Vipassana, a meditation technique that not only explains the behavioural pattern of mind in entirety, but also shows a path to purge it of its negativities in order to lead a wholesome and peaceful life. This captivating book explores the singularity between Vipassana and Mathematics. It explores their parallel yet intertwining journeys—from action to reaction; from observation to experimentation and from finiteness to infinity—in the quest to distil all knowledge to reach the Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-388-5  
Rs  345    236 pp    PB

The Learning Landscape
Ameeta Mulla Wattal
The secrets of natural phenomena and the enigmatic behaviour of the human mind are perhaps the two most intriguing aspects of our evolutionary process. In trying to unravel the mysteries of mind and matter, many seekers of truth, in their own chosen way, have discovered or created new pathways. Mathematics emerged as the language of nature, giving a scientific expression to its laws and then providing answers in a most logical and rational manner. Gautama Buddha discovered and propounded Vipassana, a meditation technique that not only explains the behavioural pattern of mind in entirety, but also shows a path to purge it of its negativities in order to lead a wholesome and peaceful life. This captivating book explores the singularity between Vipassana and Mathematics. It explores their parallel yet intertwining journeys—from action to reaction; from observation to experimentation and from finiteness to infinity—in the quest to distil all knowledge to reach the Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-449-3  
Rs  695    256 pp    HB

Nehru: A Troubled Legacy
RNP Singh
Nehru: A Troubled Legacy raises a fundamental question: Have we yet made an honest assessment of Nehru—and in effect, an honest assessment of India’s contemporary history? To investigate this significant gap, the author digs deep into historical records and in turn, raises several pertinent questions. Was Nehru truly a ‘great democrat’ as many of his acolytes suggest or was he just cleverly grooming his daughter for the top job and dislodging her potential challengers from key positions in the party and government? Was he a man of principles or did he adopt double standards whenever it suited him? Did he ever have a proper measure of India’s defence needs or was he foolhardy when it came to defence matters? Did he take a strong, principled stand against corruption or did he go out of his way to protect and promote cronies and some of his favourites who faced serious charges of corruption? Was he the great leader of the Congress and India as he has thus far been made out to be or was he a person given to human frailties like being petty and manipulative? A scholarly and dispassionate analysis of these and many other ignored or hidden questions sheds new light on Nehru’s handling of the nation and its long-term impact on our national character. A must-read for anyone interested in understanding the complex relationship Nehru had with India’s nation builders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Dr Rajendra Prasad as also in unravelling the true state of Indian affairs—pre-Independence and in the decades after Independence—beyond what the propaganda machines have fed us over the years.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-442-4  
Rs  695    354 pp    HB

Sunday Sentiments
Karan Thapar
Written in Karan's inimitable style, the articles in this book are a real treat — racy, fun and enlightening at the same time. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in creative writing and journalism.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-293-2  
Rs  395, £16.95, $29.95    244 pp    PB

Can You Teach a Zebra Some Algebra?
Debashis Chatterjee
This book asks what seems like a silly question—can you teach a zebra some algebra? You may in turn ask—what kind of a question is that? How can one teach algebra to a zebra? However, that is exactly what the education system that we have inherited is attempting to do. Teachers go on to teach a subject with very little knowledge of the real subject—the student. Our schools remind us of the story of a sports school for animals. Here the teacher is employed to train animals to compete for the Animal Olympics. The teacher looks at a rabbit and teaches it to fly. Then he gets hold of an eagle and forces the bird to run. The elephant is asked to swim and the tortoise is advised to practice a high jump. Finally, after fifteen years of training is over, the duck is declared the Olympic champion. Why? The duck can do a little bit of hopping, flying, jumping and swimming—a jack of all trades and master of none. Think of what’s happening in our schools today. Students, like the duck in the story are asked to do a bit of everything with no deep knowledge of anything. Yet, true education is about achieving mastery—it is about perfecting ourselves as a species. Each one of us was created in our unique human shape and form. We were not mass manufactured in a factory. Our mission in life is therefore to create and to give birth to our true genius—something that we are born to do.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-371-7  
Rs  245    168 pp    PB

The Class Act: Learn. Teach. Be.
Debashis Chatterjee
Every Chandragupta needs a Chanakya. Why? We all need our missing halves to fulfill us. The day needs the night to refresh itself through sleep. The night needs the day to awaken to the world of new possibilities. When you are immature, you want maturity to be by your side. When you are too mature, you need somebody adventurous and innocent to be with you to learn how to mature. When you have a restless Arjuna, you need the stabilising wisdom of Krishna. When you have a Krishna, you need an Arjuna to awaken and arise to act on that wisdom. So, these complementarities have to come together—like day and night; spring and winter. A teacher can bring that missing touch in the evolving life of a student.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-373-1  
Rs  395    168 pp    HB

The Indian Woman
Shobit Arya & Richa Anirudh
The Indian Woman—a picture of poise, an image of intellect, an exposition of enterprise. She doesn’t just nurture the social, cultural and spiritual traditions of India by strengthening the ancient civilisation’s family values and secular ethos, but also nourishes the young nation’s spirit of entrepreneurship by playing a stellar role across professions, businesses and industries. This iconoclastic book captures fascinating journeys of some of the most celebrated Indian women. From the iconic Lata Mangeshkar to the fiery Mary Kom, from the legendary Bhanu Athaiya to the brilliant Kiran Mazumdar Shaw—for the first time they all come together to share their inspiring experiences, in their own words. A collector’s item, this creatively conceptualised and beautifully designed book, provides deep insights into the mind of this great nation and its women and succeeds in passing on the enduring legacy to future generations.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-355-7  
Rs  1995    128 pp    HB

I Was Nehru's Shadow
PV Rajgopal
This book is a true account of Nehru a seen by K.F. Rustamji, one of India's most distinguished police officers who was the Chief Security Officer of the Prime Minister. This book is an invaluable portrayal of the man who became a legend in his own time.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-183-6  
Rs  395, £16.95, $29.95    238 pp    PB

Say Yes to Sports
OP Singh
The book, authored by the Haryana Sports Director from 2008-12, documents Haryana's emergence as a sporting powerhouse and decodes how sports is a key differentiator for developing countries and their people.The author suggests a way forward in 'Right to Play' and identifies parents and teachers as the most important stakeholder of sports, since the worst affected from lack of it at the grassroots are growing children. A must read for all those who want children to go and get what they are actually capable of.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-335-9  
Rs  345    124 pp    HB

India Aspires
Nitin Gadkari
A politician need not necessarily be an economist. Neither is it required that he be an expert on science and technology. He may not be proficient at infrastructure planning or be adroit at managing natural resources. Instead, a politician ought to be a person savvy enough to manage diverse issues with the aim of enabling the country realise her true potential. In this book, his first in English, Nitin Gadkari talks about his aspirations for the country. He roots for developing biofuel and solar energy. He talks about managing India's natural resources better, besides giving our agricultural and rural sector their long-standing dues. He delves into the fallacies that hold us back as a nation and suggests ways to power ahead. As told to bestselling author Tuhin A Sinha, India Aspires gives a rare insight into the thoughts of Nitin Gadkari and spells out his agenda for the nation.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-258-1  
Rs  295    204 pp    PB

A Delicate Shade of Pink
Erkki Tuomioja
At the end of the nineteenth century, the Murriks, a middle-class Estonian family, had four daughters and a son. Two of the daughters, Ella and Salme, became Finnish citizens, with Salme adopting British citizenship later on. But both also turned into revolutionaries, who idealised Stalin and the Soviet state. Which of their roles in the international network of Socialists and wartime political intrigues were real and which were imaginary? Erkki Tuomioja has sought answers to these and many other questions in his book A Delicate shade of Pink. His search turned into this double biography, written by an explorer and historian, who not only portrays family ties but also reveals political connections that spanned across the First and Second World Wars and opens doors to secret negotiations and intimate discussions. With courage and fresh insight, the book follows the two wilful women and their many partners in the world of international politics, power and trade.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-325-0  
Rs  995    390 pp    HB

India-The Future is Now
Shashi Tharoor
India: The Future is Now presents the vision and roadmap for the country and brings together India's young parliamentarians, cutting across ideologies, geographies and political affiliations. These nation-builders provide perspectives on a wide range of issues and despite their seemingly contrasting paths, they all stand united in their desire for the upliftment of each and every Indian. The voices of these young men and women cannot be ignored, for they are the leaders of tomorrow, the ones who will chart the course of India's future. The contributors to this volume are Anantkumar Hegde, Anurag Singh Thakur, Hamdullah Sayeed, Jay Panda, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kalikesh Singh Deo, MB Rajesh, Milind Deora, Nishikant Dubey, Poonamben Veljibhai Jat, Priya Dutt Roncon and Sanjay Jaiswal.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-296-3  
Rs  495    184 pp    HB

The Best of Indian Sports Writing
Edited by Sundeep Misra
Partha Bhaduri, Rohit Brijnath, Shantanu Guha Ray, Ayaz Memon, Sharda Ugra may never have viciously slashed the ball through the slips or ripped a forehand down the line, but they are among India's finest sports writers. In this absorbing collection, The Best of Indian Sports Writing, sixteen of the finest sports stories not only capture some great moments but also bring together some outstanding writers. From the methodical Rahul Dravid to the insular Abhinav Bindra, from the 1982 Asian Games hockey final to the inaugural T20 World Cup, many personalities and moments feature in this unique sports anthology.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-292-5  
Rs  295    186 pp    PB

Beyond A Billion Ballots
Vinay Sahasrabuddhe
Beyond a Billion Ballots is an insightful advocacy of a range of political reforms aimed at making India a resurgent republic. In the process, the book reviews various challenges faced by democracy the world over, focussing on issues pertaining to the lack of robust development of its institutions, particularly the political parties. Holding the 'crisis of purpose' in party politics responsible for the weak organisational health of parties, the author unfolds a link between activism bereft of ideology, representation sans results and democracy without deliverables. Written more from a practitioner's view point, the book builds a strong case for liberating political parties from the trap of populist politics through a set of key systemic changes in India's democratic infrastructure.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-322-9  
Rs  795    328 pp    HB

The India Idea
LK Sharma and Shobit Arya
The India idea—an idea which may not always find its origin in a sophisticated lab or a state-of-the-art industrial R&D centre; an idea which may be as unique as the country’s identity, ethos and culture; an idea which may be beyond time and space but whose time has definitely come—this evocative book gives a fascinating peep into such ideas and the robust innovation model across India’s social and economic spectrum. With thought-provoking contributions by legendary scientists, technocrats and management experts and practitioners on the one hand and heart-warming stories about inclusive grass-roots as well as cutting edge innovations on the other, this one-of-its-kind book presents the distinctive India of today in all its flavour and fervour.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-251-2  
Rs  2450    160 pp    HB

Nehru's Kashmir
Sati Sahni
This beautifully illustrated book with photographs by photojournalist Sati Sahni captures the many moods of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India's first prime minister, and his love affair with Kashmir and its people. The book depicts Nehru in Kashmir in the years during his prime ministership, capturing moving, powerful and amusing moments, many of them never before seen. Nehru's Kashmir is a captivating montage of one of the world's most charismatic world leaders and a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes events against the dramatic and picturesque backdrop of Kashmir.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-160-7  
Rs  1495    160 pp    HB

Nazrul, the Poet Remembered
Kalyani Kazi
Nazrul, The Poet Remembered is a beautifully produced book in the format of a photo album—a personal approach to understand the towering presence behind an astonishing corpus of one of the most influential Bengali poets of the twentieth century. The life of Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) is an extraordinary story of courage and determination as he faced political challenges of British imperialism and personal challenges of poverty and socio-religious prejudices. he countered these with a rebellious spirit advocating equality and justice. In an age where communal riots were rife and gender bias prominent, his was the voice that spoke of equality beyond divides of religion, caste and region. Using his powerful pen to focus on social and political issues, he wrote fearlessly and profusely in a spirit of pioneering journalism in several newspapers and journals. The same spirit of revolt found expression in his literary work and in the prolific composition of songs which inspired generations of youth fighting for India’s freedom.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-134-8  
Rs  2995    255 pp    HB

The British, The Bandits and The Bordermen
P.V. Rajgopal
This ‘autobiographical narrative’ of K.F. Rustamji—an officer of the erstwhile Indian Police (IP) who served under the British during the years of the Raj and who was also the Founder Director General of the BSF—is an eyewitness account of some of the most epoch-making events in Indian history. Rustamji’s eventful life and distinctive flair for writing make for this gripping account, excerpts of his diaries and articles edited by P.V. Rajgopal as a sequel to the much acclaimed bestseller I Was Nehru’s Shadow.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-135-5  
Rs  495    464 pp    HB

Sivaji Ganesan
S. Theodore Baskaran
A little boy leaves home to join a drama company to make his debut in the world of entertainment, spanning more than half a century.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-396-0  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    120 pp    PB

Shammi Kapoor
Deepa Gahlot
Shammi Kapoor continues to gather Lifetime Achievement Awards, but what is more important is that the country still dances to his songs and relishes his unusual acting style.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-288-8  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    120 pp    PB

P.C. Barua
Shoma A. Chatterji
P.C. Barua was an enigma throughout his life. This is the first time his life story has been written for a wider readership of the man who turned Devdas into a myth.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-104-1  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    120 pp    HB

Mehboob Khan
Rauf Ahmed
Mehboob Khan rose from the ranks as a junior artiste to be one of Hindi cinema’s all-time greats. His impressive body of work includes films as Andaz, Aan, Amar and Mother India.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-397-7  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    120 pp    PB

Sohrab Modi
Amrit Gangar
The persona of Sohrab Modi —the producer, director and actor — comprises many facts of Indian film history in a career spanning an eventful half a century (1934-1983).

ISBN:  978-81-8328-108-9  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    120 pp    HB

Guru Dutt
Rashmi Doraiswamy
This volume offers a reading of Guru Dutt’s oeuvre and his place in the Hindi cinema of the fifties and the sixties and the question of the authorship his work poses.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-107-2  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    120 pp    HB

Forgive Me Amma
Sundeep Misra
In a nation deprived of good sports literature, Forgive Me Amma comes as a breath of fresh air. Written in the author's unique style, the book takes the reader to the thick of action, be it on the lush green astro turf, or in the middle of an enthusiastic crowd, or at the highly charged press conferences. Precise, objective and highly readable, the book succeeds in not only presenting the enigmatic legend Dhanraj Pillay in all his fame and fury, but also documents the tumultuous journey of Indian hockey during the times he played.

ISBN:  81-8328-093-5  
Rs  395, £12.95 $18.72    250 pp    HB

The Commonwealth Journey
Sunil Kalra
This book traces the origins of the Commonwealth Games and pays tribute to this international sporting event held at Melbourne in 2006. A brief overview of each sport, notes on the performance of India’s participants and stunning photographs capture the diversity of the participating nations, the vivid functions and the harmonious team spirit which underlie the Commonwealth Games.

ISBN:  81-8328-083-8  
Rs  995, £29.95, $59.95    100 pp    PB

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